Benefits of Directional Drilling

  • The drill bit can be steered, allowing the conduit to be installed either in straight lines or curved lines to avoid any obstacles that may exist
  • Working area is confined to the points of entry and exit, causing less disruption to the work area
  • No disruption to road traffic, rail traffic, and less impact on landscapes
  • Varying lengths and sizes of conduit can be installed
  • Directional drilling can be used to install: Electric, Gas, Communication (phone, Cable TV, Fiber Optics), Water, and Sewer lines.
  • Our trenchless drilling equipment works from the surface with no need for deep excavations
  • Horizontal Directions Drilling is a much quicker process compared to open trenching, and in many cases has lower overall costs, for there is no need for costly restoration to pavement and landscaping.
  • Can be used to install conduit in most ground conditions

Directional Drilling

Directional drilling can be a cost effective alternative to conventional trenching excavations. With our various sized drills, we are capable of installing products ranging from ¼” diameter to 12” diameter. With directional drilling, there is no need to open excavate a trench to install a utility. This especially comes in handy when an underground utility needs to be installed across a road. A directional drill rig can be placed on one side of the road, which then a “pilot hole” is drilled horizontally under the road. Once this is completed, the product (Conduit, Pipe or Cable) is then connected to the drill rod, and pulled back to the drill rig. This is all done with minimal to no disruption of traffic.

Directional Drilling is not limited to road crossings. It can also be very beneficial installing utilities under parking lots, rail roads landscaped areas, sidewalks, areas heavy with trees (required by some municipalities), or just an open field that cannot be disturbed

Past Projects Include:

  • Installation of Comcast fiber optics and coax cable
  • Qwest copper and conduit installation
  • Water and sewer mains and services throughout Colorado
  • Irrigation sleeves at all major subdivisions throughout the Denver metro area
  • Installation of communications conduits across DIA runways and taxiways
  • Work directly for several cities within Colorado, including City of Denver, City of Aurora, City of Westminster, plus several others
  • Projects at various federal installations — the Denver Federal Center, Buckley Air Force Base, Ft. Carson and the Air Force Academy
  • Upgraded non potable water line at the Denver Zoo
  • Installation of new fiber lines at multiple cell sites around the city for Verizon, and T-Mobile
  • Installation of fiber optic cables under live railways for Burlington Northern Sante Fe